As a company that focuses on social responsibility, Enove always keeps public welfare and helping the masses in mind, integrates the concept of developing the company and returning to the society into the company's development strategy, and takes practical actions to care for the disadvantaged groups in society on the basis of good development. , Assume social responsibilities, establish a good social charity image, and perform the duties of a social citizen.
Counterparts Collaboration
In accordance with the spirit of the Su-Shaan and Tonghan Poverty Alleviation Cooperation Joint Conference and the Chongchuan District People’s Government’s framework agreement on strengthening poverty alleviation cooperation, Enove actively participates in the Su-Shaan collaboration and fulfills its corporate social responsibility with a strong sense of responsibility to bear and give back to the society. Pass the care and warmth of Nantong's private enterprises thousands of miles away.
Targeted poverty alleviation
In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, not forget the original aspiration and take the initiative, the company signed a cooperation agreement on “Poverty Alleviation Hand in Hand to a Well-off Society” with Liziba Village, Yueba Town, Foping County, Hanzhong City. Promote industrial cooperation and labor export cooperation, carry out social poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation projects, effectively promote one-to-one joint construction, and achieve Targeted poverty alleviation.
Respect and help the elderly
As a member of the Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, Qin Xiaopeng, the general manager of the company, actively participates in the "Peasants and Workers' Homes" organized by the party to respect and support the elderly. Walk into the community, care for the elderly, understand the actual difficulties and needs of the elderly, and donate public welfare funds to them, and take practical actions to send love and warmth to the widowed elderly.