Leaders of Municipal Youth League School visited Enove
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On the morning of November 25th,Zhang Yanjun who is the principal of Municipal Youth League School came to our company to carry out the centralized service visit activities named "Walking to Non-Public Enterprises, Listening to the Voice of Youth".


Firstly,Principal Zhang conveyed the spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.Then representative of Enove introduced Company Operations,Young Staff training and Daily work of youth League branch etc.

Whereafter,there was a warm communication and interaction in regard to Education and management of youth League members,Talent introduction, Staff Activities and Industry policy between Principal Zhang and youth.As a result,Principal Zhang gave full affirmation.


In the end,Principal Zhang hopes that the company's league organization will continue to play the role of the Communist Youth League in gathering and serving young people in future work, encourage learning and innovation, stimulate youth vitality, comprehensively enhance the sense of youth acquisition, and contribute to the development of the enterprise. The higher-level league organization will also actively contribute to the company's league construction.